Thursday, 5 July 2012

Patience Is Truly A Virtue


 Ella - Kurt Geiger (Sale)

Sit down kids, Ol-livia has a testimony / tale to tell y'all ;)
Since about April, I feasted my eyes on these babies, but the price (£160) did not seem so appetizing for a college student, with next to nothing in her pocket loool, I had faith that these would go down in the sale in the late spring/ summertime .... And it came to pass !!! (Thank God!! lol). They went down to £109 ... really would have loved for them to go under £100 ... but this price was FINE  for me!!!
Until, Shamel and I were browsing the sites, and I broke the news thinking that she would be proud of me ... until she also broke the news saying that they went down again to £89
I WAS LIKE !!!! >>>>>>>      -____________-
Your Question :Livvyy did you take 'em back?
My Answer : Hell Yeah I did !!!
Lesson: Never rush, take your time ... because the tortoise will still reach the finishing line :D
What a fairytale story aye?
The End


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