Friday, 25 May 2012

VIR2UOUS presents Fashion Exposed

Hey guys ...another fashion show review !!!

On Monday, I went along the RichMix ( I don't know if its rich mix or richmix but back to the story !) in Bethnal Green( east London) to visit this show which I had heard about from a friend. 

As regular readers and followers on twitter, i have been DYING !!!! to go to a show where it's not all JUST fashion, but letting my hair down (even though I wore a bun loool) and me not being so serious AND ever so critical .... I would like to thank the organizers of the event a big THANK YOU as it was a success and I did enjoy my time there ^_^

SOOOO for what you all have come for ... here is what my night was like !!

 The show started off with a performance by the lovely @whitneysingaah and her guitarist Dionne then opened with the designer Proverbs 31 ... a jewelry brand which defines chic, elegant and classic fitting for the modern woman during the day or night ...

 I liked the fact that the collection showed ethnicity and was not the typical 'tie-dyed/african material wrapped around a mold' or the typical peacock feather ... Quite unique !!!

Afterwards, we were presented with the next collection AGR and then the excitement mood was mellowed down to the tones poetic tales of 'Chaleboy the Poet' ... the atmosphere was so calm, yet exciting !!! loved it dude *sipps orange juice*... afterwards, 'Cross Eagle' which consists of clothing ranging from everyday jackets for men to t-shirts ... It's something that will suit many guys of today and finishes outfits with that 'casual luxury' look.


Soon afterwards, we were pumped up with the next designer, 'CLEE CLOTHING' ... now I've heard and seen the designs and have always wanted to see them feature in a show ... and now i got to !!! (happy livvyy loool) So the collection is definitely inspired by the urban surrounding in which we live in and come from, so it will suit many people that have that style which strongly reflects their personality from the roots (deep within) with a dash of style !!! I loved the Ghana material hot pants (just need to eat more so my bottom
would be able to fill the shorts )


And after that, we were introduce to one of my favourites from the night !! Even though the man spoke SO fast, (leaving it impossible to allow me to find out where I can find out more about him) but maybe He only done it because he felt it was a need for him to not talk for his creations ... as they literally DO speak for themselves". Love his take on using African material in fusion with European contemporary designs... He described that his collection is solely for the satisfaction of the woman .... hmmm, I think its merely like another Louboutin fiasco ... even though it's made for a woman to be sexy/beautiful, its the eye of the fox(i mean male) that is truly 'wowed' by His collection... Anyway, I'll find him and will let you know more about him ^_^  !!!

Tribal Gem was up next and I loved how the collection embraces not only two cultures which symbolise the designers roots and upbringing, but fuses two traditional materials and makes a beautiful vibrant collection. Both designers are British but backgrounds are from Africa (East and North).... fell in love with the blue jumpsuit.

Left hand, right foot was after (remember them from stomp out fashion show?) and the collection was completely different to the last one I had seen!!! Toni's (the designer) new collection proved daring cuts, leather and black are essential to a woman's wardrobe !! I'm telling you, if I never had a big chest, I would have her make that low cut jumpsuit ... I predict that during one season, that low cut neckline will be as big as African prints .. so I suggest that you start investing !!!


Finally the end of the show came, and last but not least was Ella Bethal, a beautiful collection with soul and class constructed by an inspirational woman fulfilling her purpose... the story behind her collections are always that her vision out of her purpose is being revealed through her clothing. I didn't take pictures, but recorded it on my iPhone instead ... so check it out on my Youtube page x

Also, letting you know before you think .... the entertainment is all on my instagram  which is oliviazara ... DO check it out as you will get to see the marvelous oreo cupcake that I had to go on stage and walk for alongside the Azonto Kings performing boom boom TAH and A DOT Comedian ^_^.

So even though it was all fun, the part that kinda mad me :/ was lighting and positioning .... I won't state anything in much detail as you all will know, it might go on into a rant LOOOL ... but yeah ... thanks for reading ^_^

Also, [how incredibly rude of me,] THANK you for the amazing hosts JNR and Mika ... really made the evening really good

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  1. very sexy collection that is...



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