Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Livvyy LOVES : Topshop's Cut-Out Heeled Sandals

THIS !!!
This is what I call designer-look with a TWIST !!! (and by when I say twist ... I actually did twist my whole body loool)

I welcome 'player cut out sandals' for £85. 

LOOK Loves: Topshop's cut-out high sandals 

This is definitely something that will make you be remembered by spectators at any event and could be worn for many occasions. From the plain white to the metallic snake leather cut out working around the heel to give that sculptural shape gives these babies a super-expensive designer feel, combined with a sporty edge. 

So .
Let me set the scene for you ...
These £85 heels + a simple dress (so the attraction from the design is not diverted) = hubba hubba !!

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