Thursday, 23 June 2011

The Colourful Fabric Bag ... A Summer Favourite ;)

Looking for a nice bag this summer?
Well, here are 3 popular bags that would suit a lot of summery outfits:
  • Ethnic
  • Gypsy
  • Tapestry
But where to buy from ?

Yes that right, accessorize is the shop for every female at affordable prices AND offers student discount !!!!
Lets see what they have to offer from the list i made above....

Ethnic bags

A bag with rich tapestry, embroidery and old-world detailing to give a faraway feel to a standout shoulder bag.

 Here we have a Floral Block Print Paisley Satin Handle Bag, for £35. What makes this bag so beautiful is the embelished beading & sequin floral design all over the bag with a satin material as handles.

Here we have a Jaipur Princess Tassel Scoop Bag, for £40.This vibrant print and embroidered scoop with colorful embroidery over print gives the outfit like an oriental and mysterious touch. This could either go with a plain outfit (like a maxi dress and a denim jacket with embroidered detailed sandals). Plus its metallic shoulder strap makes the bag having an even more striking.

These go with chunky fabric accessories. Like these !!!

Ethnic Wooden Bangle £7

Ethnic Stretch Bangle £12

2 X Luxury Ethnic Bead Stretch £8

Gypsy Bag
These bags are compatible with everything, every time and everywhere. Whether you are going to the university/college or going shopping. The gypsy bag caters for the female that surrounds herself with mystery.  Also , the reason why woman love the gypsy bag as well is because the designs of typical gypsy bags are so distinctive and very feminine.

Here we have a Bundi Paisley Shoulder Bag, for £28. What makes this bag so elegant is the beautiful flower bead work embroidered bag and the beaded shoulder straps.

Here we have a Tie Dye Floral Embroidered Bag, for £25.  This bag has a lot of floral designs. This all-over floral print and embroidery detailing in front would look nice with an embroidered headscarf . This bag other beautiful features are drawstrings on both sides of bag with beads.

If you love the gypsy look but dont want to go full 'blow out' and keep it simple, then the best thing to do in order to complete the look is simply have a clean white shirt/ t-shirt and a good pair of jeans.

Tapestry Bag
The real beauty of this bag is that it mixes old and new, taking a traditional & ancient craft and mixing it with a relatively modern product range to produce an elegant and beautiful range of tapestry bags. Tapestry bags have been around for years ! But recently, they have become more popular and everyone is grabbing one ! so why not you?

Here we have a Lotus Embellished Weekend Bag, for £55. Now i know, this is expensive for a bag, but think about the detail withing the bag ALONE.... its worth it ! Think about how lovely the all-over colourful print with mirror work embroidery on either side is with the golden shoulder straps. This colourful print weekender bag could also be used as a bag for the day, with a lovely beach dress, or denim dress. Or in the night with a nice summery dress (think about greens/blue and coral reds)

Look at this Multi Diamond Woven Pouch, for £32. The diamond shaped embellishment pouch with a handle has chic details like tassel with the embellishment. It could be used for the day, or even when your going out. Colours that would go are denim ,greens , khaki,cream,white and browns.

Have fun Rocking Summers most popular bags guys , and DONT forget to use your discount !!!

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