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Desigual Spring Summer 2011 for women

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If you don’t know much or anything about Desigual, then you best GET TO KNOW!!!
It’s a huge fashion label known for their individual designs, sense of fun and bold color. Over and above that, the brand’s known for being just a little bit different – not just your run-of-the-mill clothing.Not only are their designs different but the chances of you bumping into anyone else wearing the same thing are next to none – so for all you people of fashion that like to stand out from the crowd, this is definitely the brand for you.
Nothing quite like a bit of fashion one-upmanship!

So lets look at some of the items that are a must have for summer :)
Womens wear 
Here we have the Marina Patch Dress. This is a lovely dress for the spring / summer, you can wear it out during the day. The stripe top half blends with the patterned detail and colored buttons on the bottom part of the dress which makes the individual look unique. I say that you should keep a minimum when it comes to adding accessories on the piece as it will distract the main focus of the bottom detail. The sizes of this dress comes from 36 -46 . (true to the average women ...whippie!!!) at the price of £109.00 - But I'm TELLING YOU GUYS!!!!! .... It's worth it ;) 

 You could also match this outfit with this bag (also known as the London bag at Desigual) for £79

Ok, so the next item we have from Desigual is the Sponsoero. This beautiful sleeveless dress is fully lined for a luxurious feel and features detailing at the bust area to enhance your figure. The full skirt, floaty hemline and floral pattern create an ultra-feminine look. 
You can pair with a soft shrug and classic sling backs for a summer wedding outfit or wedges and a wide-brimmed hat for holiday chic!

This gorgeous sleeveless dress named Loloba has a round neckline colorful buttons down the center deep front pockets and frills along the waist line and down the front in light grey. Flattering elasticated high waist
Desigual 'Have a nice day' logo on the back. So from that you must know when to wear this type of dress right ?! YES! you can wear this anywhere! On holiday(topped with a nice pair of gladiator sandals -either or grey ) or out and about during the day. The price for this dress is £94.

 Here we have a bikini from the 'more for less' collection. Color, joy and energy are still the main characters and basic values for this collection. The printed bikini is wireless has a padded bandeau for a bikini top. Straps to tie around the neck. Tanga briefs with ties at the sides, decorated with beads. The reason why i love this is because it's different. Think about it.... when you Londoners hit the pebble beach in Brighton this summer, think how many people would be wearing this same swimsuit just like you aye? Do you NOW understand why Desigual is just too great?! :)

Finally we have something for the evening for all of you women :)
Desigual Rosario Dress  Desigual Rosario Dress  Desigual Rosario Dress
It's called the Rosario Dress. Desigual's beautiful Rosario dress is a dream with a lovely green V neck dress with blue waist panel which ties at the back and floral design on the skirt. It is pleated over the bust and waist, which makes it well-defined with a colorful belt with an embroidered Desigual logo. 
Also ... check the bags out !!!
Instead Of Rocking A Paul's Boutique ... Bag One Of THESE !!! £64
This bag is called the RIGIDO-ARESVY. It's perfect for carrying it under your arm. It’s classical shape and fixed framework transforms it in the sophisticated version of the Aresvy bag, shown below. The pattern is a mix of patchwork that make this garment a very colorful and unique piece.

I dreamed a bag moda
As the bag has so much color, you can simply wear this with a plain white shirt, flats / pumps . £79
This is the perfect bag for all of you women who are in love/ have butterflies in your belly or just happen to be a happy person and what to show it off. Now you have it even in your bag! Urban and casual, with bold and colourful flower patterns.

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