Saturday, 30 April 2011

Stomp Out Fashion Show

Olivia BurgherSo last night (28/4/11) I went to the Stomp Out Fashion Show which I had been TALKING ABOUT FOR TIME!
                   saw my models Juanita and Marelle and another designer-in-the-making (who happens to be a close friend of mine :) ) sitting next to me :D

The fashion show was held at the Love Lounge in Old Kent Road, South-East London.
  The choice of location was excellent (well to me) because it suited the type of fashion that was held and the layout made it easy for all the photographers to do what they do BEST

 The show actually wasn't that bad, (started late but thats black people for you LOL) it was absolutely wonderful to watch.
 The designs weren't all to my taste but they were absolutely break-taking.

Here are a few of the designers and their designs that I paid attention to most :)

Nyanga | Inside the world of beauty

What I loved about the collection was that I was able to see the passion that the designer has between all of her pieces. I thought it was absolutely marvelous for Julia Olayemie-Coker (the designer) to combine the African texture and culture through European styles. This makes the clothing accessible for anyone, whether they are African or Caribbean, Asian or White. And thank God it does otherwise i would be totally upset with the fact that I (a Jamaican could not buy one of her designs ;) Well enough of me yapping ... PICTURE TIME


Next we have Black in Blank by Rochelle :)

My Lord! This collection was divine to watch. The designs were unique , never seen before (well by me), the use of just TWO colors made the individual designs scream CLASSIC ... CHIC ... INDEPENDENT-WOMEN.



logoNow we welcome back :

If you haven't read my other post on prints, then I'll give you another intro about back2eden design.
This collection represents the love an individual has with combining African prints with contemporary designs. The result of the collection is unique, assertive, colorful and timeless suiting all senses of style.



   And I actually got to take a picture with the designer :)

Last but not least...  Lefthand Rightfoot !! 





These pants are limited edition! Get Them NOW!


Lefthand Rightfoot are what I call, DIFFERENT, DIVERSE RETRO.

It may not be what the 'average' would wear on the high street, but isn't that what fashion is?
This collection is screaming DARE TO BE DIFFERENT
And I like it, who want to look like a clone?

Just like fashion, these designs speak for themselves, and thats what make it so great.

If your somebody that likes to rock something different in a club/rave or even on the street... save a space in your wardrobe for Lefthand Rightfoot designs :)

So these were all of the designers that i thought deserve to be on my blog from the stomp out fashion show :)
If you want to feel even more close to them and me ...
my twitter - @missOlivia_Zara
back2eden twitter - @back2edendesign
stomp out fashion twitter - @stompoutfashion
Lefthand Rightfoot design twitter - @kissLEFTY
Rouge by Rochelle twitter@RougebyRachelle

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