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Attending the Tiffany exhibition made me think about why I am a consumer of the brand. For me, the objective of an exhibition is to educate the consumer about the artist (/brand) and their art (/brand core value/craft / creativity).  I find that thoughts around luxury brands are similar to visiting the opera for the first time; you either love it or simply appreciate it (Pretty Woman quote ^_^).  So I had to visit my subconscious self, do I truly love the brand or am I fond of the brand? Hmmm

To start off, most of my jewellery is actually from Tiffany&Co, from my first ever set of earrings as a baby, to a few pendants on special birthday celebrations and my promise ring which I wear every day (seriously, ask a friend of mine how different or frantic I act when I don’t have it on/ feel like I’ve lost it). So I guess a connection with Tiffany&Co is somewhat dear to my heart because the brand has played importance materially throughout many milestone moments in my life.

But when I was just talking to people, of course the movie; Breakfast at Tiffany’s may be the very reason why most women of today who place the late Audrey Hepburn as their role model identify with the brand. The associations with the brand from that movie will stick with a viewer from the very first time they see it until the day they tell their grandchild the storyline of the movie.

Then there is the engagement aspect, I remember when I was a little girl, my mother once showed me the price of a Tiffany engagement ring, and highlighted the woman’s worth around the topic of engagement rings (Can you believe I was only about 8, why would my mother be hosting a conversation about this lol).

Also who remembers My Wife & Kids on Trouble ? Remember when Jay thought that Michael bought her something special because Junior said he saw a blue box in his bag? AUTO-MATI-CALLY she thought she knew what it was and creatED a scenery within her head; a scenery which would have been created, by the visual content held by the romanticism around the Tiffany brand, from the famous shade of blue to other aspects of the brand.

Going to the exhibition, I honestly thought this is what I would see. I didn’t read much into the coverage around the launch and I briefly passed the new concession to clean my pieces and that was that. What I loved foremost about the exhibition was it’s inconspicuous location. Though clearly signed, you wouldn't have noticed unless you were truly looking for it. Upon arrival, you meet a mock up of the metro exit that most people would take when getting to 5th Ave in New York. I chuckled initially simply because it was the 5 and R train that ran to 5th Ave, closest to Tiffany & Co. on 57th Street, but when I was working in New York last year, in order for me to get to 5th Ave, I always ended up taking a 2 train and then picking up a 4. *Just a little reminiscing point lol *


Afterwards I headed straight to sit down and view a little screening about Tiffany&Co. and the New York minute. A phrase that I quickly adopted whilst out in NYC, and fully understand the hood meaning by ‘I haven’t seen you in a minute’.  New Yorkers really measure time by moments taken, instead of the usual British literally counting 60 seconds.

There were in total, 6 sections of the exhibition;
The Love Bench
The New York minute
Pretzel and Coffee
Fifth & 57th
Tiffany& Co. / Master Engraver
Charlie’s Bar

These segments really do make up the beauty of the brand, I was glad to not have seen Audrey Hepburn to be very honest, though she is a beautiful figure within history, her legacy should not only be restricted to her affiliation with Breakfast at Tiffany, as well as the brand.

It’s all about NEW YORK, a place surrounded but beautiful past experiences and celebrated within the new, jazz as an eternal genre, the idea of craftsmanship by hand as well as machine, the Pretzel and Coffee Carts that will refuse to offer payments by card just so you don’t forget what a 5$ bill looks or feels like and appreciates more than any gourmet Starbucks.

Maybe what pushed me to go to this exhibition was the fact that Tiffany &Co is a brand (like many others) that has travelled with me throughout my life thus far. What made me love the exhibition were its bold visuals highlighting the connection with New York City, which I dearly miss.

It was so funny actually, I remember taking this picture after heading out of Niketown and turning on the corner where Tiffany is last year during my placement.

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