Friday, 13 September 2013

LFW - Day One ... 7:30am call !

Keeping it simple , unless you want to take a risk with the chance of loosing something ... not many interns are lucky
to put their belongings in a 'secure' place

This year, I started london fashion week interning at Bora Aksu as a FOH (front of house) intern, helping out backstage and making sure the correct people were in the correct spaces, as well as making sure backstage was all calm in order to have things run smoothly.

This year I made sure I didn't repeat the mistake of not packing light. I cannot stress how smart you have to be when packing if you're interning at any show because there is not always a specific place for you to store your stuff, every season, I take my camera and a few bits and bobs (practically the kitchen sink) and at the end of the show, I end up leaving last because someone moved my stuff !

Now, I simply have my business cards, my phones (which i put in my shorts underneath my skirt/dress), chewing gum and lipgloss - alongside my camera. I felt really bad last season why I had to turn some interns away because a) they carried too much 'luggage' and b) not wearing the correct dress code. Tip: if you are told in your confirmation emails to wear black, wear full black, not off-black or navy blue, or a black ensemble with neon pink/green accents. Keep it simple, keep it clean. I decided to just wear my topshop jersey dress and converses ! Something I would be comfortable and ready to do any task in, running OR jumping in lool. 

I don't need to talk about timing as well - you all should know the deal, PR's and backstage/security MAY be stressed trying to do 100 things in 20 seconds and handling your lateness is not really ideal.

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Just a few pointers about life as an intern, interning at Bora Aksu is great though, I've been interning at 3 seasons now ^_^. This season was a special season for Bora as he was celebrating 10 years at LFW, and what a better way then to actually kick start the season with a collection which referenced his Turkish roots. The traditional Turkish elements were evident throughout the collection, from the range from colours to bell shaped sleeves, lacework and the light tassels which were inspired by Aksu's childhood times, the bursts of fuchsia and rich yellow fabrics were playful yet soft and simply beautiful. It may have been raining outside, but inside the show space, summertime was in the air !


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