Thursday, 9 May 2013

Hermes Exhibition

An exhibition dedicated to the luxury brand will be open to the public at the Saatchi Gallery from the 21st-27th May. Expect to see a selection of different crafts demonstrated live, how they make the luxury products in their workshops and much more !

The Festival de Métiers exhibition will only run for a week, providing to the public a fascinating experience and insight in the crafting of fine and luxury products which Hermès have prided themselves with for many years. We will be able to see how the iconic silk scarves are printed as well as the 'birth' and creation of handbags, fine-jewellery and (hopefully) much more.

So far, the exhibition has been held in Beijing & Shenyang in China and its now coming to London for a week before it sets off to Dusseldorf.

I definitely want to attend this exhibition, I find that brands who are holding theses sort of 'invites' into their world, letting you gain insight to how they have come from the past to the present excites me. Visiting the Valentino, Chanel  and Dior exhibition felt like taking a History class outside my university library and being able to get up close and really see the fabrics, and documents / stamps / symbols that makes the brand what it really is ! So I urge you to go, it will be a fun day out for you and friends and a great history lesson about one of the most well-known and well respected brands in luxury fashion.


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