Saturday, 20 April 2013

Wild Soul Sunglasses

Black Owls

Wild Soul Sunglasses is not just your normal brand with a range of sunglasses for protecting your precious eyes. Each pair of sunglasses are crafted after intricate feature of an animal whose name they carry and are available in several rich and earthy colours using quality material.

"Wild Soul was created on the premise that there are causes greater than our own that can and must be supported. We are dedicated to giving supporters of Wild Soul a platform to help the causes that are close to their heart" -Wild Soul Sunglasses, which launch in late 2012. 

I love the idea of incorporating charity with design, the sunglasses range included frames named 'the Lion, the Elephant, the Owl etc' so as customers, we are able to unleash our wild side whilst being charitable. Whichever pair of shades you decide to buy , you'll also be able to decide what charity your donations will go to at the checkout .

Whether you guys like to admit it or not, we all have a wild side; and I know when the sun is shining in UK, london-ers do get excited and wear their summer attire, but why not add a pair of Wild Soul shades to your ensemble? 

Wild Soul is currently available at Young Republicdiscover + shop the world of indie fashion -

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