Wednesday, 27 March 2013

So Dior Exhibition ... 4th Floor

Yesterday afternoon along with Sachan, I went along to see the So Dior exhibition at Harrods of London which has been running for quite some time and officially closes 14 April. The exhibition celebrates the longstanding link between the House of Dior and the United Kingdom. Many french luxury houses are known for having great admiration for England and its treasure and you get to see this throughout the exhibition, we even noticed a connection with Harrods the store!
The giant chair ! a replica of the original chairs at Christian Dior's first presentation ... and something more recent designed by the new director Raf Simons, which Natalie Portman wore for the Miss Dior perfume advert.

Once you enter the Dior exhibition section, you are greeted with tour guides (who were rather dashing - if i say so myself) and they took us around to show assist us in providing more information if we needed to know anything more about the exhibition  They were very helpful and seemed very keen in making us know all the thoughts and processing behind the brand and products.

 Miniature recreations of memorable designs .. Don't you just want to take your friends little sister's barbie doll and dress her up in all of them?

 Various perfume bottles 
 Just to name a few of the many iconic dresses within the exhibition : On the left, worn by Elizabeth Taylor and on the right, worn by Audrey Hepburn

My favorite part of the exhibition, the j'adore room! with the dress from the advert and we, even got to here about the story behind the perfume, the shape and the making of the advert (well, it's something we knew already, and you could find out from the behind-the-scenes on the youtube channel)
 When you finish going round the exhibition  you are welcomed with the biggest dior bag you will ever see - a projection of the creation of a dior bag . The amount of time it takes to make one single bag, and care.

Overall, I enjoyed the exhibition; twas wonderful !

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