Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Look at what I found !!

The famous Zara safari jacket with leather sleeves has been the 'must- have' item for many wardrobes across  females in London, but due to it's popularity, and the duration of it's existence ... there are also many that didn't have a chance to purchase the jacket ... including me :( ... I was so sad!!! So close to buying the jacket on eBay, but then again, because i have a larger chest area, I still haven't bought one (double sad face). Another problem I found out during conversations with my friends, because of the Spanish stores' size structure, most females size 12+ who wanted to buy it, couldn't due to size .... But going along the Primark AW12, look what I found !!!

To those that haven't had the chance to purchase the Zara original ... there's always the Primark version ... coming out later this month/ early July from their AW12 collection 


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