Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Photo Diary :London Fashion Weekend

On Sunday, I visited London Fashion Weekend at Somerset House. This time around was LOVELY !!! The Sun way SHINING ! With a few white clouds in the blue sky. The atmosphere was great ... I got FRONT ROW , the pieces from the Holly Fulton collection were absolutely beautiful and I also have her exclusive show-bag to add to my collection of show bags.

So what do I have for you all ?

Well, there are many things ... remember in September for LFW where i only just snapped a couple of shots and talked about the seasons? 

  • Well, I have decided that I wont repeat that 'show again' and (As Beyonce would say ..) Upgraded my approach to recording and helping you all enjoy the front row experience that I myself experienced. SO... 
  • I have pictures from Prim Rose and Antipodium and Holly Fulton both of whom received high praise for their electrifying SS12 lines
  • I have a video of the Game On catwalk show on my you tube channel (or you can view here)
  • A video of Miss Molly (The stylist) talking to Caroline Flack about this season's trend (can view here as well) and...
  • The finale of the whole show (or view here)

Presenter Caroline Flack
The keen front row observers

Also, a few pictures on the Miss Olivia-Zara facebook page as well
Hope that's enough for you ^_^
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