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Whoever decides to read this..... HI :) Hope i ain't wasting your time ! And Thank You ! *mwah*

Your aware of my name so i shall NOT write 'my name is olivia' (even though i just did :/) but ima give you a lil information about me

I'm 17 years old, born in South-East London, attend city and islington sixth form college and in my first year. Apart from my academic subjects, i also design clothing (might want to have a clothing line ... dunno yet) but it'll contain mostly haute couture instead of street fashion, - i love extravagant things =]

  To me, life is all about learning ones values and once those values are noticed , you can then focus on the next step and aim to succeed in life :).
                       -Meaning, life is about the sailing through the storm and and coming out stronger 1

I absolutely love photography (which you will see in upcoming posts) and fashion !!!
 end of . FINITO!

- It's not what my family wanted me to do but then again, THAT'S BLACK FAMILIES wanting their children to be lawyers, doctors, scientists. =/
          My answer to that is : Not everyone can be a President of the United States, you gotta have some dustbin men. In my case, wouldn't mind not being my own boss, but definatly not settling for the lowest of the bunch!

My dress sense- hmmmmmm *long pause* most of my friends at college would just say that i dress like a normal teenage girl . But what is one? coz i DONT think I'm one (u zimmie?)

- i dress casual normally -pair of jeans, top, coat and scarf accompanied by a lovely BIG bag :) ... On special occasions i will dress the part, reason being, there's NOO point in always looking nice EVERYDAY of the bloddy YEAR! then when it comes to a birthday party, u just look THE SAME! (be under the radar and then ...COME OUT)

But yeah, enough about me in one post , my blog is just about life in my path, looking at it through my eyes .

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