Thursday, 31 May 2018

Black Market UK Talk - LCF Alumni

If you are new to my page and do not follow my Twitter and Instagram socials, you wouldn't know that late last year I put on an event named Black Market UK - Christmas special

It all started from the idea I had around how black owned businesses — which I am familiar with consuming — in the UK are going to market their products during the Christmas season.

The Voice Newspaper, Wray & Nephew and Supermalt were our official sponsors as well as Unorthodox EU.

It was a wonderful experience where I was able to engage with my community of creative UK black entrepreneurs in s physical space in one of the hotspot market areas European. 

Nowadays, @blackmarket_uk are solely based online, I am waiting to release a few projects and attain a team to help regulate more seasonal markets, so be sure to keep your eyes out for 2018 Christmas ^_^.

Now, I was pleased to talk about my experience around marketplace developing and my goals for @blackmarket_uk with the 2nd years of my degree course (BA Fashion PR & Communication) at my Lime Grove campus last week Thursday. I was invited to talk about my experience and listen to a project which the 2nd years are undertaking with a well-known marketplace area within London. It was a thrilling experience to stand up in front of one of my lecturers regarding my experience of events and PR during and after uni. To think I use to be terrified of speaking in public and now I’m so use to doing it, it feels like nothing !


Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Logo mania post Gucci

From the iconic double C by Chanel to the monogram of Louis Vuitton passing through Gucci and Balenciaga, the trend is logomania.

I don’t know about you guys, but I never thought I would see what the world of fashion will re birth a luxury brand delving into logo mania post Gucci. Gucci came, lived and seat on the throne of logo and excess - but Fendi is coming for edges. Amazing to observe influencers and celebrity’s of certain backgrounds wearing full Fendi logo outfits.

If a few years ago it was cool to hide the name of the brand that was worn (see Margiela or Naomi Klien's book "No logo"), today the  absolute must is to show it.


 The iconic "FF" ("Fun Fur") designed by Karl Lagerfeld, creative director of womenswear, in 1965, in the square formula created in 1974, return to the protagonists and invade raincoats, parkas, hooded sweatshirts, bomber jackets, shoes (Rockoko boots, sandals, slides and sneakers), sunglasses, mink pendants and iPhone X covers.


 I just find it amazing how fashion is communicated throughout hip hop culture into pop culture.

What are your thoughts?

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