Thursday, 4 July 2013

OOTD || Clara and I's silver lining from Soho - Selfridges

Today was a really long day for me, starting with a shift at my retail job , afterwards I had to  deliver some returns for a stylist (did I mention my new 'job' - Assisting a celebrity stylist ;) ), to heading off to my sisters house to see my new born twin nephew and niece (did I mention I'm an Aunty again ? Well I mentioned on my instagram lool) and attend my nephew's parents evening before returning back to help around hers. That diary account runs from 5am til 6pm.

Then it was time to get ready for a 'blogger event'. An up and coming 'trend' (as I would call it) is brands hosting events on blogger community sites inviting a range of bloggers and just people involved in fashion in general. So its kind of sweet for the 'established' and not so established fashion/beauty bloggers to mingle and create a buzz and get to know a new brand. Well, today I was supposed to got to one with Clara, but somehow we had the wrong information. I have been ITCHING to go to an event and blog about it to my readers, so I apologise that this will not be a post about my experience about an event but really about what replaced the anticipated series of events afterwards, and an OOTD post ^_^

 Leather Look Pants - Jane Norman (but you can get from Zara)
Blazer - Zara
Heels - Kurt Geiger
Bag- River Island

So whilst in Soho, I thought it would be a great time to introduce Clara to Wagamama ! The Lexington Street location is my favourite out of many in London, its quiet so its great for catch ups and lessons on how to hold chopsticks! I'm kind of like a pro (not bragging or anything lol). 

It may not be exactly summer in London town (the sun makes it's odd appearance now and then) but this evening's weather was really cool, which meant a perfect excuse to walk off the food so we headed to Oxford Street (the joys of having stores like Selfridges and M&S opening til 11pm) I'm sure we all know of the Denim edit which is being heavily advertised with the gorgeous Jourdan Dunn. We checked out the denim studio as well as admired the visual merchandising of the whole department store. Call us cray/bored/weird - but the thing is, that is EXACTLY was we are lol. We have a weired interest in visual merchandising, it's a skill to not be messed about with, and Selfridges and Harvey Nichols happens to be out little main focal points.

Another exercise which we embarked on to kill time in the yellow department store was the white room - beauty bar. Recently, i have given up on the MAC brand, and would love to try out something new, I've heard of Bobbi Brown and Smashbox, but then I've heard of positive testimonials from the new collection from Dior and Armani brands ... so we had a look round - still confused (I;m the basic eyebrow, mascara and lipgloss girl). Any suggestions ?

This is why i love London ! They say NYC is the city that never sleeps (which is true), but when London is awake , a nice stroll around certain parts like the riverbank / West London and Shoreditch leads you to the pearls at the deep part of the ocean of London 


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