Sunday, 16 October 2011

riding a Camel + looking effortlessly Chic= Kim and Kris - DURR !!!

So Mama Kris Jenner and newlywed Kim have gone off to Dubai to promote her flavour for a new milkshake store and while in town, she also launched her own self-named perfume.

 Kim Kardashian poses with Dubai and Abu Dhabi royals

She has been updating how the trip has been going on twitter and from her pictures, she is DEFINTELY having an amazing time.
I find it so amazing to actually see her and momager Kris in Louboutins on a camel (just shows that its not all about the Rolls Royce and you can use a different form of transport ,care for the environment and look HOT) Some people say that she and Kris look ridiculous because she's wearing heels on sand, but to be honest, that is like her trademark .... like come on, WHEN do you NOT see the Kardashian / Jenner females wearing flats ... ... ... ALRIGHT THEN !!

So here are the snap shots of Kim and Kris's version of Sex In The City ... Kardashian Style .. Kim in a maroon silk version complete with intricate beaded collar and gold trim, while Kris opted for the bright orange variety adorned with blue gems.
Truly embracing the culture, looking HOT !!!
Distracted: Kris checked messages on her phone during the desert ride
Kris Jenner showing that money never sleeps
(checking messages during a camel ride)
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